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Order Waterproof And UV Resistant Vinyl Banners


Need an attractive banner that effectively conveys your message?

There are many advantages to choosing vinyl banners, including the fact they’re durable, weatherproof and long lasting. Sturdy and resilient but lightweight, they’re ideal for hanging in a wide range of places. This type of display material is a great way to make an impact everywhere from shopping centres to public buildings.


Pinnacle Banner loves helping you promote your business, event or services with the finest quality banners.

We produce hemmed Vinyl 510 GSM banners which come complete with eyelets and everything you need to hang if easily. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, all sizes of banners are available. They’re ideal for sales, promotions or events coming up this Halloween or Christmas season.

It couldn’t be easier to calculate the cost of your banner on our website. All you need to do is enter the measurements and the quantity of banners, and when you need the delivery.

Creating artwork for your vinyl banner.


Pinnacle Banner is happy to create high quality artwork for your display material. However, if you’re supplying your own artwork, all we need is the file format JPG, TIFF or PDF.

Your artwork must be sized to the banner size required or an equivalent ratio. Otherwise it will end up being stretched to the correct size and might ruin the appearance of your banner. The ideal resolution of the artwork is usually greater than 100 dpi but a lower resolution can sometimes be used.

Banners can be hung using blue tack or by hanging them from scaffolding. If you have any issues with this process, our team is happy to assist you.

Need your banner before Halloween, Christmas or New Year’s Eve?

With the peak season for shopping and parties arriving, it’s a popular time to order banners. With next day deliveries available, your new banner can be with you as soon as possible. We do everything possible to fulfil our clients’ needs within their time frame.

If you’re looking for suppliers of vinyl banners, simply contact our team for more information.


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