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Vinyl Stickers

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Are you also the one with big windows and who is fed up noise made by passing traffic??Well we can’t do anything of noise but how much making us of that window for advertising purpose !! Nothing can be more beneficial for you than Vinyl Stickers.

Yes Vinyl Stickers!! Which is the perfect product and of-course have high demands in markets as is the best way to increase the rate of your advertising with absolutely stunning graphics which stands every weather conditions and worst scenarios.Using vinyl stickers on office windows and even on car windows can considerably improve your marketing.

How to paste or apply Vinyl stickers !!

The vinyl stickers are the easiest TO apply,here is a brief guideline for you but if you still face any difficulty you can search it on youtube, there are hundreds of Tutorials uploaded there which will make you understand better

Things you need:

First of all it is important TO know what things you’ll require for pasting process. They are as follows:


Washing Liquid (Washing liquid water mix)

Stanley Knife


Step 1

The very first thing you need to make sure of is that the surface you are going TO paste the sticker on, make sure that plane dry and clean,having no dust particles.Parricularly no dust particle because it will cause bumps hindering a smooth layout

Step 2

Sprinkle washing liquid on the glass,you can use as much amount of spray as much you need to make The glass hilly clean,make sure you have sprinkled on every part of glass on which you are going to paste The sticker

Step 3

Now remove the back side of sticker and spray the washing liquid on back side or non-printed side of the sticker.Jsut use a generous amount of water and make the back side of sticker fully wet.This will not have any effect on the printed side of sticker so don’t worry

Step 4

Finally apply the sticker TO the surface, you need to handle the sticker efficiently and manage to get it pasted on the right place,and adjust exactly where you want it to be

Step 5

Now use the wiper from left TO righttop to bosom (in every direction) just to get a flat sticker and to squeeze The liquid out from the base.lf water comes on the printed side don’t worry it can’t effect the printing quality in any way. Make sure you remove all the bubbles properly.keep using wiper until you get a smooth sticker.

Got it perfectly pasted ?? Good job !!!

Now let it be for a day so any remaining droplet will get dry and sticker sticks well to the glass

Step 6

When the sticker is pasted, the last step is to use the blade or knife and ruler. Now what to do with it?? Well not that rocket science just cur around the extras and edges to give it a final trimming The results are preay amazing, and a great advertising opportunity for aaracting passing traffic.



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