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Reinforced Hemming

Zip Ties Pack of 50

* If Design ready please email to along order ref number.

Sign Printer

  • Material: 510 GSM
  • Hemmed & Eyelets (Included)
  • Waterproof & UV resistant
  • Indoor & Outdoor use
  • All sizes available


Outdoor Banner Signs used in advertising products. Get amazing Outdoor Banner Signs. In fact, Banner looks attractive at night, bringing more customers indeed. Moreover, We care about the color used in banners, which attracts the customers as well as viewers. selecting a material very important First, be clear wherewith the product be used. I.e. placement, for instance. Hanging banners at an event. Showcasing them in the shop or displaying them in the office. These fall into the category of indoor use. The material choice 510 gsm. On the other hand, to get public attention. aiming to capture more customers for business and displaying banners for the frontal area of the workplace. making it visible to everyone passing by the road. Then this is all outdoor approach. The suggested material 510 gsm.


Pole pockets: Pole pockets along the top, bottom, or sides of a banner. These create a pocket for a rod to go through.

Banner Reinforcements: Basically used for the purpose of adding extra strength to banners. Sides of banners folded to add an extra vinyl layer which provides extra yield strength to the material and also makes the bannerless prone to tears around eyelets. Eyelets recommended for hanging big sized banners so they withstand the hanging stresses.

Zip Ties: An excellent fastener that makes your banner remains to fix/hung properly with the desired object/place. Just put one end of the cable into the eyelet and tie it around the pole of the fence you desire to hang your banner with. Your job is done!

Design Service: Providing free design service. The expert comes up with designs in 30minutes. Select the product and write a brief descriptive text or upload a photo of your customized design for the designer. He will work on it and in a short time be back for your review.

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3 Top 3 Bottom, 4 Corners, 50 cm, Not Required


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