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Make it simple, but significant!! We offer Free design services!! Just share logos, pictures and any ideas you got at Only pay once you are happy!!

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Roller banner Stands:

Let’s say you don’t want to hang your banner down from anywhere but rather wish to display it on any exhibition, seminar or an event. We have roller banner stands for this! Its standard size is 850mm x 2000mm, they come with strong case to make them portable and one can carry it easily to anywhere.


X-Pop up Stands:

They are the most recommended banner stands to hold your banners as they ensure the quick and easy set up. They always remain high in demand. It has a weight of around 1kg and dimensions of 2ft (width) and 5ft (height)


Flyers & Leaflets:

Promoting a new start-up? Advertising a concert, a sale or providing detailed information about your business? Stand out with our amazing leaflets/ flyers service!


-Reasonable prices depending upon the quantity (20,000-25,000)

-Our proficient designers are always there to materialize abstract design on your mind

-Glossy / Normal to Exclusive / Recycled paper will be used based on your preference

-We provide flat and folded flyers both 

It’s very easy to impress the potential clients for your business or even to aware people on the street about your business with the use of flyers.  Flyers are the easiest, oldest and an effective way to spread the word about almost everything. However flyers can be of two types


Flat Flyers:

If a short and comprehensive message is needed to be spread, flat flyers are easy way. They can be helpful in capturing people’s mind without overwhelming. They are more often used for street level promotion where you want to gather large audience for a sale, or a concert or a new shop opening nearby.


Folded Flyers:

They are recommended for professional/corporate business where a specific audience is targeted, technical writing is involved and you have to provide detailed description of your business model. It basically provides you with more space so as to keep your idea comprehendible.


Leaflet Paper Selection:

1. Glossy –Luminous, reflective, preferred for pictorial representations as it ensures vibrant colors

2. Matte-Less shiny and gives a smooth outlook

3. Recycled– Low quality paper with light colors.



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Pinnacle Banner