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Vinyl Stickers:

How about sticking your banners and eliminating headache of hangers!

Want to show support to your favorite football club, any political party, any beloved web series of yours, a social cause you speak for or even your business logo everywhere you go. You can simply stick these to your car or your office front to make your message more viral.

Moreover if you wish to make use of big glass window at your office upfront or to have a cool bumper sticker for your car- Vinyl stickers is the answer. These stick to your glass/wall/car firmly.


1. Resistant to humidity and moisture.

2. Affordable and durable.

3. Fade and weather resistant vinyl.

4. Produce bright colorful images.

5. Removable and leave no sticky residue.

6. All sizes are available.

Application Guidelines:

1. Apply in cool weather conditions.

2. Sticker’s adhesive won’t affect your car’s factory paintwork.

3. To ensure smooth and bubble free placement, use a plane hard surface to rub over the sticker.

4. Any alcohol product (ethanol) will be helpful in removing the adhesive residues.



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Pinnacle Banner